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Elvis Expert is a blog that provides information about Elvis Presley.

Types of Content that Can Be Published on Elvis Expert

We publish all sorts of content but it has to be related to Elvis. Examples of things that we would publish might be:

  • First hand stories of meeting Elvis
  • Elvis impersonation tips & tricks
  • Elvis historical research
  • Elvis and his relevancy to modern culture
  • Elvis’ impact around the world
  • Poetry about Elvis
  • Literary analysis of Elvis lyrics
  • Movie reviews about films starring Elvis
  • Photos of Elvis-related sites


We are looking for articles between 350 and 2,000 words about Elvis. Content you have published elsewhere is fine. Your content must be interesting and geared towards people who love Elvis.

How to Submit

Please email me a summary of the article that is 50 to 150 words. Do not send the full article. I will not read the entire thing and will not consider it for publication. In the subject line, please write Elvis Expert Submission request.