Elvis the Icon

Elvis Is A Positive Model

Since his death Elvis has transcended from being more than just another very successful musician or heartthrob actor into being an icon. Elvis, today, stands for all that is good in a man. We must try not to think of what Elvis became before he died. Elvis is representative of positive male sexuality, of poor boys trying to make good, of the ideal suitor, of a fine son. He’s gone from public ridicule, a generally dismissive attitude that was so common in the latter half of the 1950s, to being a masculine ideal. This is apparent in many dreams where Elvis becomes a symbol in dreams the way that has happened to other entertainers. What are the lessons that we can learn from this? What are we to make of this legend? 

The entertainment industry can have intense rivalries. It’s natural. Their egos are as huge as their salaries on the upper end of the pay scale. Frank Sinatra was quoted as being very critical of Elvis when the young man from Tennessee broke out on the scene in 1957. His words of condemnation are believed, today, to have been a distortion of what Sinatra though this back and forth set off many of his fans. Many Elvis fans were very angry with Sinatra. Yet, in the form befitting a legend, Elvis remained above the purported condemnation. Elvis didn’t have a critical word for Frank Sinatra, saying only Sinatra had a right to his opinion.  

“I can’t see him knocking it (rock n’ roll) for no good reason. I admire him as a performer and actor but I think he’s badly mistaken about this. If I remember correctly, he was also part of a trend. I don’t see how he can call today’s youth immoral and delinquent,” Elvis said in response to the attempt to start a feud with the older entertainer. 

Let it be known today Sinatra didn’t actually say what he was purported to have said. It was only a matter of journalists trying to stir up trouble between the entertainers. That’s another thing we can learn from the legend of the King. Respond with a wide, generous heart even when somebody is trying to stir up trouble. 

In his movies, when Elvis was undergoing one trouble or another, Elvis would keep a firm smile upon his lips. He’d speak gracefully. Then he’d break out into song. From the confrontation with Sinatra, we can tell that wasn’t too far from the way he actually was in real life. Acting naturally was one of the keys to his acting prowess.