Keeping the King Alive

In the opinion of this writer, one of the top Elvis impersonators in the United States is Steve Davis. He brings us back, back to a time when the world wasn’t so deprived of its Elvisness, back to a time when the King Was In. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance, see his show. 

Is there really a shortage of Elvis, though? Indeed, no matter where you live, you can find an amateur or professional Elvis impersonator. They even have Elvis impersonators in the Persian Gulf and in South Africa. Elvis impersonators can be found in China (even if the impersonator is of Chinese descent and not actually in China), in Russia and all throughout Europe. Time Magazine attempted to rank Elvis impersonators, calling the list, the Pretenders to the Throne. Las Vegas has Elvis shows every night. Elvis impersonators are available for shows every night somewhere. You can even get married by an Elvis impersonator. And, not to be forgotten, Elvis can be found everywhere, still, on Halloween. Elvis is, once again, worldwide. 

Even with all of these men doing their best to focus their Elvisness, of course there is a shortage of Elvis. Elvis is with us no longer. What we have left is an image, a reflection. The Elvis impersonators have the task of bringing Elvis into the future, of making him fresh, new and relevant for a new generation.  

That means, in this day when men aren’t quite as masculine, that the Elvises have got to be not quite so Elvis. While you’d never confuse Elvis with John Wayne, you’d know that Elvis and John Wayne are two different types of men, completely different icons. Still, as time goes on, Elvis has to change because we, as a society, have changed. So, as Elvis experts, we have to remember what it was to watch and listen to Elvis. Elvis can be with us in dreams where we can get to the truth of who and what he was. That’s the key to keeping the King fresh. Unfortunately, not all of us remember our dreams too well. We need to up our game in dreaming, dream journaling. It’s the best way for keeping recollections new, fresh, and novel. It’s the best way to keep Elvis relevant for a new day. Though there are a lot of dream journals on the market, this system for using a dream journal is the best. The Dream Recovery System is the official dream-remembering system of Elvis experts and pretenders to the throne everywhere! 

It doesn’t matter what your skin color is and it doesn’t matter where you live. Elvis is for everywhere, everyone, and every time. Get yourself some Elvis clothes, listen to some Elvis music, watch some Elvis movies.

Take a look at the work of some of these impersonators. Study, my friend. It’s a self-improvement project. We can make ourselves better people by being like the king. We can make the world a better, brighter place by channeling the king, bringing him forward from the past to the present.