Animal charity saves 25 dogs by flying them over to the UK

Animal charity saves 25 dogs by flying them over to the UK

An animal charity has just saved the lives of 25 dogs.

Wild at Heart Foundation teamed up with IAG Cargo and British Airways in order to rescue furry-legged friends in dire need of being transferred from shelters in Greece, where they would likely have died, to their forever homes in the UK.

The planes were already scheduled to head to Britain, carrying food and supplies, so the lucky dogs got to ride along for free.

Volunteers escorted the pups from the Greek island of Lesvos to Athens, where they stayed overnight in a pet hotel before catching their flight.

All of the dogs had been adopted ahead of the journey.

Twelve of them were introduced to their new owners at Heathrow airport, while the remaining 13 were picked up by the 101 Pet Express and transported to their various homes across the country, including as far as Aberdeen.

‘We are thrilled to have been given the chance to transform the lives of these innocent animals,’ said Nikki Tibbles, founder of Wild at Heart Foundation.

‘Each and every one of them deserves so much more than a life of starvation and neglect on the streets.’

‘This is a truly unique opportunity that feels all the more special given the current climate… in a time where compassion and collaboration mean more than ever before.

‘It’s moments like these that motivate us to keep doing what we do.

‘With over 600 million stray dogs globally, our mission is to put an end to the suffering of strays the world over can often feel like a daunting one… but we believe that every single dog, no matter where it is born, no matter its size, breed, age or circumstance, deserves to know health, happiness and genuine love.

No arguments here.

If you fancy adopting a dog of your own, you can visit the animal charity’s website.

In other dog news, a woman has launched a fundraiser to build a centre for disabled dogs in the UK.

Victoria Bryceson has raised £4,635 out of £20,000 so far.

She hopes to reach the goal soon, so that she can open the centre in 2020.