“There’s so much kindness in this world”: Restaurant owner reacts to $1,000 tip

“There’s so much kindness in this world”: Restaurant owner reacts to $1,000 tip

Not long after reopening to dine-in customers Saturday, the staff at Famous Toastery in Wilmington were pleasantly shocked to find a $1,000 tip left for the team from a generous couple.

The customers, who were visiting the restaurant for the first time, have not been identified to protect their anonymity. Jamie Kloiber, the owner of the location along with her husband Joe, said the couple was very complimentary of the staff and the food while they visited and toured the space, but she had no idea they would be so generous. She said her husband told her later Saturday about the tip.

“There’s so much kindness in this world. There really is,” said Jamie Kloiber, whose family is from Charlotte.

A picture provided on Facebook shows the couple initially considered leaving a $20 tip on the $43 bill, which would still have been well above the customary 15-20% recommendations. However, they scratched that out and left the generous sum along with a note — “Bless You All.”

Restaurants and many small businesses have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic to work with customers in a safe and efficient manner. It goes without saying the gesture comes at a good time for the employees of the restaurant. Kloiber says the front and back of the house decided to split the tip to share, meaning those working in the kitchen and in the dining room will be able to benefit from the money.